Customized On-Site Training

On-site training programs personalized to the needs of your organization are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. These programs allow employees to stay current on your business processes and procedures without spending time creating your training program yourself.

Coastal Strategic Solutions offers customized on-site training programs and administers them to your team right in your own workplace. You can benefit from flexible scheduling and programs designed for as many people as needed. We offer trainings throughout the year, making it easy to schedule a program whenever you need it.

What To Expect

On-Site Training Workshops:

  • Choose from half-day or full-day training sessions
  • Distribute and lower the costs of training your employees
  • Offer a consistent, educational, and entertaining learning experience

On-Site Training Benefits:

  • You can organize your training session around the schedules of your employees, ensuring optimal attendance. 
  • We can personalize your course materials to your needs based on your field and the number of employees you have.
  • For larger groups of employees, you can significantly reduce training expenses by including everyone in one program.
  • We will create unique workshops for your team to work through, providing specific, real-life examples of how to apply their new knowledge in their positions.

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All services are individually tailored to the leaders and companies needs. We work with many other leadership and training organizations so that we can recommend or offer their services to ensure you are only investing your time on what will help you achieve those goals and dreams.

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